An Insight Into The New Kil’Tiras & Zandalar Zones for Battle for Azeroth

28 Jul

Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard’s 7th World of Warcraft expansion is set to release this summer, precisely on 14th of August. World of Warcraft’s most loyal fans that remained on the official servers since it’s release in 2004,  have gone through  drastic and radical changes in the game. Some were quite pleased seeing fresh updates and modifications every expansion while some remained stubborn claiming Blizzard clearly turned the game solely in to a profiting source/platform.

Nevertheless, the changes that were initially represented to BfA were entailing. With just days away from the global official release, we’ll sneak you through a rapid review of the most imporant features. Firstly, the reincarnated islands.

The Kul’Tiras Pirates

Kul’Tiras, a nautical island that hasn’t been discussed since the prime days of Warcraft 2. Jaina Proudmoore (the founder and former Lady of Theramore Isle) will now try to regather the Alliance to once again fight for their allegiance in the following war. However, her welcoming in Kul’Tiras may not be the most pleasant as she previously killed her father, Daelan Proudmoore, the former ruler of Kul’Tiras.

The Zandalari Trolls

Sylvanas Windrunner on the other side have reached the Zandalar Tribes and enforced on a strong coalition to fight the Alliance. Zandalar is an island located in the South Seas, between Maelstorm and Pandaria. It is in fact the continent where the Hordes will be replenishing their strength. However, they will be not left at peace as they will be in a constant confrontation with the most mysterious blood trolls who are settled in the region of Nazmir, one of the three zones on the isle of Zandalar.

After 14 years of perpetual wars and battles, has Blizzard overtly asked the community: “For the Horde!” or “For the Alliance!”? No matter the choice, it will still be considered tough task – the 110-120 Battle for Azeroth leveling.

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